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Xiamen Granite Industry Co.,Ltd
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Gazebo :      

     Here are our unique hand carved stone gazebos with elegance style and ornate wrought iron dome.Various materials including marble limestone travertine and sandstone, can be chosen while you want to match your garden and village yard. We will carve your favorite gazebo as your pictures and drawings. These design gazebos with their natural appearance are very well suited for parks and gardens.


Gazebo -001
Overall Dimension:350D×480HCM
Material:Yellow Travertine


Gazebo -002
Overall Dimension:300D×450HCM
Material:Hunan White


Gazebo -003
Overall Dimension:500D×680HCM
Material:Sand Stone



Gazebo - 004
Overall Dimension:450D×500HCM
Material: Sand Stone


Gazebo - 005
Overall Dimension:513H×528L×376DCM
Material: Iron


Gazebo - 006
Overall Dimension:320D×480HCM
Material: Iron



Gazebo - 007
Overall Dimension:513H× 528L× 376DCM
Material: Iron


Gazebo - 008
Overall Dimension:715L×500W×450HCM
Material: Iron


Gazebo - 009
Overall Dimension:365"H
Material: Shown here Sunset Red


Gazebo - 010
Overall Dimension:213H×213L× 152DCM/10"D
Material: Shown here in Yellow Marble


Gazebo - 011
Overall Dimension:D320×H480CM
Material: Iron



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