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Marble vanity top is popular in construction market. Residential bulidings, hotels, inns…all of this places become more elegant because of these tops. But as you know, marble vanity tops’ process is difficult. If the company don’t have ripe technology, the marble vanity tops have no competitive advantage. There are many companies in internet can use beautiful pictures and magnificent words to describe their marble vanity tops, but with no actual technology. Many suppliers or exporters would not like to accept marble products order. Sometimes they quote you very high price to scare you, so that you have no choice but to give up this order. Because they are not so confidence of their products’ quality. But for us, no problem. As a specialized marble vanity tops processing company, we can guarantee our products’ quality.
    There is few company can process and supply prmium quality marble vanity tops in China. You know, marble vanity tops processing as a industry in China is just spring up these two or three years. Responsible to say, after years’ research and dauntless adventure, we have mastered advanced technology in the whole processing.
     Q: More firm and not so easy to crack than other companies’?
     A: Block choose is the first one. We choose best quality block, instead of choosing the cheapest ones. You know,some foreign colors may first quality block from abroad sale to Italy or Spain, and to China, they always second or third quality. In this case, how to choose block become a problem which can proof a company’s specialization level. For China original marble colors, the local block is limited by the quarry, road situation and exploit equipmet, so that the first quality block is not as good as foreign block. Even though we can’t buy first quality block, there is another problem come out, that is how to deal with fissure in block. This is a technologic problem.You can see we take hole-drilling, locking turnbuckle and spout resin glue with high-pressuse to prevent inner-crack before block processing.
And secondly, resin glue is a important material in the processing. After many experience, we explicit know different marble need different glue. we found a kind of suitable glue and correct glue fill method. After a mass of practice, We finally got breakthrough in marble processing.We use an electrothermal equipment imported from Janan that can solidify the special glue in a constant temperature, so that it’ll get best effect. Many marble’s back mesh pruduced from other companies would be ripped easily and of course the marble would be cracked easily but our’s don’t. That’s because of three factors: first, good quality glue; second, correct method to solidify glue so it can get best effect; third, best mesh named fibreglass mesh, and other companies use other.
    Q: what kinds of colors does your company usually process?
    A: After over year’s produce, many colors marble have already been produced and exported in vanity tops, such as White Travertine(Turkey), Beige Travertine(Turkey), Galala Beige(Egypt), Sunny Beige(Egypt), Slevia Beige(Egypt), Sinai Beige(Egypt),Carrara White(Italy),Venato Carrara(Italy), Statuario White(Italy), Thassos White(IGreece),Perlato Svevo(Italy),Dark Emperador(Spain),Light Emperador(Turkey), Shell Beige(Iran), Shabnam(Iran), Royal Botticino(Iran), Black Marquina(China Original), St. Laurent(China), St.Cygnus(China), Red Alicanta,Cream Marfil(Spain) ,Jerusalem Gold limestone(Israel),Moca Cream(Turkey), Sunset Red(China) . And some other kinds of stones in marble traverting, limestone etc if they are not our monthly export colors, There will be a limited quantity order request. If you can up to this request, then no problem for us accept your order .
    Q:How we can avoid the defects of crack, edge chips and corner broken, scratch and other defects during the process?
    A:We use infrared bridge cutting machine, and imported marble cutting saw with good quality. And more, we set up stainless platform, decrease moving the slabs. Our experienced workers’ correct operate. All of these can decrease the defects of crack, edge chips, corner broken and scratch in the whole hog.
In addition, usually we would advise our customers add re-forcing bar in all of tops, including in backsplash, sidesplash and apron . Attention, these re-forcing bars are fibreglass and we open the moulding and make them in other factory by ourself. It is not common products that we can purchase from market. Many companies not so professional like us, would use stainless or iron bar as re-forcing bar. In this case, some beige color or travertine marble are easy shown iron rust. Some of them can not be found while you receive their products. May be half year later after installation, this iron rust would be shown out to the polish surface through the forcing bar groove.
Some colors such as onyx or bianco carrara which have light pass characters, are so easy to found the shadow of forcing bar from the surface if you check from top view. But if you use firbeglass bar it will be hard to found the shadow of forcing bar after we fill the groove with color resin glue. It is also better effect and lower price than that you use stainless steel or iron bar to do re-forcing bar in marble,limestone,onyx,travertine vanity tops.
    Q:Why the 2cm marble slabs have the request of least quantity order limited, while the price is higher than 1.7mm which is standard thickness of marble slabs that most for sale at home?
    A:China is a huge stone market, and there are many mine from all over the world here to sale their marble. But there is a very important factor that is the price in domestic market. The marble slabs’ standard thickness in market usually are 1.6-1.7cm thick. These slabs almost use for spreading floor. If use them to be vanity tops, they’re too weak to crack. So we propose don't buy so thin slabs prefer to use block to process 2cm thick slabs to be marble vanity tops. So that the price surely would be higher. And because we will face storage pressure and balance, 2cm thick slabs will be no use or very difficult for us to resale them at home market, It is impossible we can buy suitable block to process different sizes’ vanity tops. Evenone will face the problem of waste material. Please understand our position and know why our price is higher than thinner slabs.
    Q:Why the marble vanity tops’ hand finish fee is more expensive than granite vanity tops’ ?
    A:Many customer would say that is because the marble is more soft than granite. In fact that is not true. For cutting edge we have to use imported and sharp blade saw to cut to avoid edge chips. The speed and efficiency of hand finish will be lower than granite. For granite vanity tops finish in our area already have more than 10 years history. Many factories and workers already have the full experience to treat any problem that they may meet in the procedure. So we can pay workers’ money by piece work. But for marble vanity tops we have to hire workers and pay money by month no matter how we have busy or not busy or even no order. That is the reason why this cost would higher than granite process.
In addition, no matter who produce marble products, the defects of crack, edge chips and small corner broken is inevitable to some extent. So whether you can fix well and how to fix them well will becomes a major problem. So we retain our fix worker team with high salary who are come from marble town with many years’ experience and enough patience to well finish this work.
     We have more than 13 years’ exporting history, and 8 years’ history of exporting to American. We have well cooperated with our customers in many commercial and residential projects, such as hotels, hospitals, condos etc., and got good reputation from them.
If you have such needs in marble products, welcome contact us! We would like to supply our best service for you with principle of “fast delivery, competitive price and high quality”.
     Trust us and try to contact with us! Send your order to us.

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