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Xiamen Granite Industry Co.,Ltd
Add:62-603# LiangFeng Busness Town, Xiamen, China
M.T:+86013606092196(English line)

     In this chart we would like to introduce our prefabricated granite vanity tops and tub surrounds that made in cheap and stable colors like G687, G682, G664 etc. For they are cheap material. Customer who have warehouse or distribute yard can puchase them as stock and sale to the granite fabricators or vanity tops installers. It is not like the vanity tops style with box carton packing that you can see sale in super market in Homedepot or Lowes. All vanity tops will be with center sink openning, right and left sink openning, are prefabicated and for the cheap and both short sides with flat polished edge so fabricator or installer can cut them in their site and get the size that they want to match their request.
    The sink cut out would be much more expensive in USA for larbor cost is much higher than China. A undermounted sink cut out with edge polished well, and faucet holes drilled in China may only cost you $5-6/set. But as we know the cost in USA will be over $150-200/set. That is fantasy price difference between USA and China. Some motels,cheap hotels owners prefer to buy stock vanity tops or tub surrounds from local USA vendor. So we have large order from our customer to order standard or regular size and style, and all of them are cheap colors.

    I would like to introduce them as the following:

    Sizes available: 62”x22”x3/4”,74”x22”x3/4”(straight) 74”x22”x3/4”(front bowed style),80”x22”x3/4”,86”x22”x3/4”.

    Above sizes can cover almost special size vanity tops and more economic even cut in your site.

    Edge finish: regularly with two short side 4” side splashes, and one back splash. All splashes will be one long and two short sides polished. The front side of main board of vanity top is in ogee finish to add value, single faucet hole ,4” or 8” widespread faucet holes can be drilled by customer request. Apron is available in 8” or 10” width with facial slots & toilet tissue cut-out depend on customer request.

    For front bowed style prefabricated vanity tops, we now only supply customer 74”x22”x3/4” with center sink cut out. The apron of this style will be in 8”width, and separate to be 3 parts. Center part to be curving apron with 1” thickness with bottom profile polished. Other two short parts strip with 2cm thickness and bottom side polished.

    Sink cut out and ceramic sinks: With our prefabricated vanity tops, we also supply large quantity of ceramic(porcelain sinks) for our customers to distribute or bid project use. Choosing our ceramic sinks, then you don’t need to send us sink template and sure can expand your business in ceramic sinks, and your customer will tied to choose other sinks to match the sink cut out. So your sink price may be sale at higher price.

    With 7-8years consolidate sinks business with our granite vanity tops, now we can already have moulding and also large exported ceramic sinks with Model U2211 which is very similar with Kohler 2211, Model U2210 which is very similar with Kolher 2210, Model U2209 which is very closed to Kolher 2209, Model U2339 which is very closed to Kolher 2339,Model U0621 which is very closed to Kolher 2214. So your customer can use same sink cut out and buy our sinks and also Kolher series undermounted sinks alternative.

    Under customer’s request, we can also make crewdown on the unfinshed surface for clips to attched the undermounts, and also provide you the clips hardware. A mounting clip for securing a sink within an opening in a vanity top having at least one side includes a body portion adapted to be secured to the sink and a flexible sink engagement section. The flexible sink engagement section includes a first and a second section. The first section is disposed proximate a first end of the body portion at an angle relative to the body portion. The second portion is disposed at another angle relative to the first section and includes a tip adapted to engage a substantially vertical face of the vanity top opening. When the sink is secured in the vanity top opening, the tip frictionally engages the sides of the vanity top opening. The mounting clip may include a fastener for securing the clip to a mounting channel disposed on the sink, or alternatively may be secured directly to the sink. And also can make sealer for you from our warehouse so that save your labor cost.

    Prefabricated window sills: Some customers who order prefabricated vanity tops also order window sills as stock. Regular specifications are 6”x52”x3/4”,6”x60”x3/4” and 6”x66”x3/4” with one long and two short ends polished or ogee finish. Then customer can cut them to be the size that they want in their site.

    Shower Wall plates(Tub Surround): Many hotel&Motel will chose cheap and thin slabs to make shower wall plates. Choosing granite can be waterproof, resist mold growth, anti-bacteria, low maintenance bathroom. Certainly many granite, travertine, onyx, limestone, slate, ceramic tiles can be material choosed for tub surround. But for the cheap granite like G682,G687,G664 for consistance in colors and can be made in thin plates with bigger size. Customer can stock them in large quantity at USA side so delivery can be very fast at affordable price.

    Regular specifications are 31”x72”x1/2”, 31”x60”x1/2”, 31”x84”x1/2”, 4pcs per set. All exposed edge with eased polish or half bullnosed finish. And under customer request we can make sealer in China site.

    PS: We also supply customer stainless steel curved curtain rod with nickle plated.


    Colors Choice: In this chart we only recommend customer prefabricated vanity tops and tub surround for stock sale. So only recommend world famous and most cheap material colors named G687,G682,G606,G664,G648 for customer to order.

    G687 also famous by other names: Peach Blossom Red, Bainbrook Peach, Bain Brook Peach, Peach Blossom, Peach Flower, Peach Flower Red, Pink Blossom, Peach Blossom, Peach Blossom etc. Cheap and stable material for slabs, cut to size, exterior or interior wall cladding, floor, stair paver, landscape, vanity tops, countertops, shower wall plates, tiles, column, table tops, work tables etc.

    G682: Sunset Gold, China Gold, Golden Sand, Tan Sand, Golden Peach, Rustic Stone, Sunset Gold, Golden Yellow, Rustic Yellow, Desert Gold, Harvest Gold, Padang Yellow, Padang Gold, Golden Garnet, Giallo Fantasia, Giallo Padang, Giallo Rustic, Giallo Veneziano, Giallo Yellow, Gold Leaf, Golden Cristal, Golden Crystal, Golden Leaf, Juperana Royal, Light Golden Sand, NDG 050, Padang Gelb, Padang Giallo, Padang Giallo TG - 39 etc. It’s a kind of construction and ornamental stone which is easy to match your needs.

    G664: Bainbrook Brown, Violet, Sakula Red, Tea Brown, Misty Brown, Rusty Yellow, Majestic Mauve, Mauve Almond, Vibrant Rose, Luoyuan Red, Slate Red, Marrone Grigio, Black Spots Brown Granite, Copper Brown, Purple Pearl, Ruby Red, UIS Violetti etc.

    G648: Fotos von, Deer Brown, Blue Pearl, Rose Fonce, Zhangpu Red, Light Pink, Pink Rose, Poony Red, Queen Rose, Rose Pink, WG048, Zhangpu Hong, Zhangpu Rose, Zhaoshan Red etc.

    G606: Royal Rain, Mountain Purple etc.

    All above mentioned are for prefrbiacted vanity tops and shower tub surround for stock sale and distribute only. Certainly we also can accept customer built hotel, apartment, condominium. No matter what kind of products like master bath room vanity tops, men&women vanity tops, guestroom vanity tops, wet bar tops, computer desk tops, ADA vanity tops, suite vanity tops, business center tops, spare tops, pass-gift shop tops, greatroom-coffee bar, meeting tops tables, breakfast tops, handicap vanity tops, shower wall plate with soup dish made in ceramic, porcerlain, or granite window sills, threshold, hotel vanity cabinet made in birch but cherry finish etc.
Try to contact us and get our price list for prefrbicated vanity tops, shower wall and more other products that we handel for USA market.

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